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Kingdom School of Ministry is one of the nation’s leading spiritual equipping centers for Christian leadership, thought, and action. Although our standards are high, and our courses intense, what sets Kingdom School of Ministry apart is our mission to prepare capable men and women to excel in both mind and spirit—in both the marketplace as well as in ministry. No matter your previous educational experience, our educators share a calling, founded on Kingdom principles, to activate each student to make a significant impact in the world.

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what students are saying

It was not until I went to Kingdom School of Ministry that I really received the training and vocabulary to express and put into action all that God has placed in me to accomplish in the earth realm. Dr. Trimm, at Kingdom School of Ministry, gives the tools and the solutions to living this Kingdom life, but if we do not apply wisdom and present truth, we will never move past the mindsets that have held us all of our lives.

Ryan Cole, Atlanta Alumni

As a financial planner with the seventh largest company in the world, a new vitality infused my practice generating a harvest like never before. Simple truths gained from KSM have become a pattern for prosperity and are continuing to be a path, a channel, and doorway for my future. KSM will thrust you into your legal place in the Kingdom of God adding more to your life and the lives of those God has assigned to you.

Darlene Pachot, California Alumni

As a result of attending Kingdom School of Ministry, my life has been transformed. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been spiritually repositioned to write the revelations I have published in a new book. I am grateful for the love, mentorship, and friendship of Dr. Cindy Trimm. She is our gift and we are blessed to have such a dynamic example of what Kingdom is!

Dr. LaVerne Adams, California Alumni

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